Power Island FSRP:

A Scalable, Global Solution

Twenty20 Energy’s Power Island Floating Storage Regasification & Power (FSRP) solution, built on the company’s proprietary technology, provides an innovative energy solution to island nations and other remote, coastal areas. The first deployment of this technology will be under the PAWA PNG Power Island Project, and will serve as proof-of-concept for similar coastal or island communities across the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

Twenty20 Energy’s Power Island FSRP consists of fuel barges, power barges and floating piers, and can be tailored to meet differing energy requirements. Twenty20’s intellectual property includes its plant and auxiliary configuration, which combines generation, fuel storage and bunkering, and transport. The floating, near shore design requires minimal land use and is ultimately mobile to accommodate near term and future expansion or redeployment needs.

The Power Island FSRP approach meets the needs of developing countries, which face increased demand for energy to support urbanization and industrialization. The solution also balances the need for affordable, scalable power generation with a desire for greener generation solutions, incorporating a proprietary combination of proven technologies which deliver fuel efficiency approaching 70%.

Twenty20 Energy anticipates that in many instances, its Power Island FSRP solution, with high fuel efficiency and low emissions, will not only increase electrification but also replace high polluting fossil fuel plants running on coal and diesel, which are significantly less environmentally friendly, helping to enable the transition to a cleaner energy future. It is further envisioned that, at a later date, the Power Island FSRP solution which is currently LNG fuelled, can be converted to hydrogen fuel which is completely renewable and delivers power generation with zero carbon emissions.

In Papua New Guinea and elsewhere, the Power Island FSRP will provide decades of cleaner, more reliable electricity and support national efforts of many countries to achieve energy security and independence.