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Caution Bay Power Project: 45 MW Power Station Serves Port Moresby Area

Twenty20 Energy is actively reducing the carbon footprint of Papua New Guinea with their use of cleaner technologies at the Dirio Central Province Power Station. “Global Citizens everywhere should invest in technologies that lower their carbon footprint and emissions using BAT (Best Available Technology). We owe it to the communities we serve and their future generations,” said Geoff Lawrence, Twenty20 Energy CEO. “We’re acting with urgency and purpose to implement cleaner energy solutions for today and beyond.”

Not only did Twenty20 Energy invest in Solar Turbines “SoLoNOx” combustion reduction technology, reducing the plants NOx emissions by over 85%, they are able to reduce the country’s carbon footprint by 36 metric tons per day when all three units run at full load. In this condition, a saving of up to 13,500 metric tons of CO2 can be recognized annually —the equivalent of taking over 3,000 cars off the road each year.

The Dirio Central Province Power Station, constructed and operated by Twenty20 Energy, entered commercial operation in November 2021 and can deliver 45 MW of cleaner, more reliable and cost-effective energy to the PNG grid.

Caution Bay Substation Project:

Twenty20 Energy has played an integral role in efforts to expand power infrastructure in Papua New Guinea, another step in transitioning the country to cleaner, more reliable power supplies. Twenty20 Energy designed and constructed the Dirio power plant 66kV substation, which consists of two 66/11kV, 60 MVA fully redundant generator step-up transformers with automatic voltage control and off-take structures.

The substation incorporates state-of-the-art Hitachi Power Grids compact Gas Insulated Switchgear, consisting of a single skid containing a split bus arrangement with two incomers and two transformer feeders, together with bushing current transformers and potential transformers. Additionally, within the substation, Twenty20 Energy integrated the latest in Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ protection relays for incoming circuit and transformer protection, as well as remote terminal communications with the power utility.

The project demonstrates Twenty20 Energy’s ability to deliver a wide range of power infrastructure solutions, including vital transmission and distribution infrastructure to connect power-generating assets. Reliable power is a crucial pillar in supporting the ongoing development efforts in the region and the Dirio 66kv Substation is a step in the right direction.


Power Island FSRP Project: PAWA PNG Floating Power Island

Twenty20 Energy is working with PAWA PNG on a floating power island project that will deliver an integrated liquid natural gas (LNG) logistics and power generation solution to meet Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) energy and electrification objectives now and for the future. The project will deliver cleaner, more reliable electricity that most efficiently and cost-effectively harnesses PNG’s domestic LNG supply for powering the country.

Twenty20 Energy’s Power Island FSRP Project proposal has been approved by the PNG Cabinet for rollout across the country in 12 strategic locations, providing 283MW of power generation capacity where it is needed most to help boost access to reliable power supply and to improve overall electrification.

The PAWA PNG Power Island Project is a product of Twenty20 Energy’s proprietary Power Island FSRP technology, which consists of fuel barges, power barges and floating piers. Twenty20’s floating power island technology allows for distributed generation, which delivers a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive power generation solution for remote communities leveraging LNG. The project will assist PNG to achieve national energy security and independence while enhancing the lives of the people of PNG through the many social and economic benefits which are enabled by the provision of reliable, cost-effective electricity supply.

This initial deployment will be a proof-of-concept for the technology, both advancing PNG’s energy objectives and demonstrating global applicability of the Power Island FSRP for remote coastal locations.


Hela Project: 66 MW Gas-Fired Power Plant in Papua New Guinea’s Hela Region

Twenty20 Energy will design, build, operate and maintain a 66MW, gas-fired power plant in Papua New Guinea’s Hela province on behalf of Dirio Gas & Power Company Ltd.

Twenty20 Energy will provide operation and maintenance services for 20 years.

Twenty20 Energy intends to invest 20 percent of the required funds alongside Dirio, consistent with the company’s strategy to take ownership positions in energy assets that deliver long-term returns for investors while also partnering with local communities to deliver tangible improvements in their quality of life.

The power station will be comprised of 4 Solar Turbines Titan 130 Modular Power Plant Sets in Open Cycle configuration, each with a rated capacity of 16.5MW reaching the required 66MW in total. The modular plant design allows for further expansion at a later date, with additional turbines as well as the opportunity for Combined Cycle configuration to increase generation capabilities and further enhance the green credentials of the facility by converting waste energy into power.


Traunstein: Twenty20 Energy’s push into Germany’s dynamic clean energy market

Twenty20 Energy has acquired Petra Energy Holding Sarl, the company that owns the Traunstein Geothermal Energy Project in the Traunstein district of Bavaria, Germany. The Traunstein Geothermal Project is estimated to have a capacity of 13MWe of power generation, with a corresponding 20Mt of heating capacity.

Petra Energy Holding has begun the process of rebranding as Bayern Renewables GmbH to better reflect its mission and will complete the development of the Traunstein Geothermal Project. The addition of this project to Twenty20 Energy’s portfolio helps to fulfill its mission of developing tailored, reliable, and economically viable solutions to enable the transition to cleaner energy.

Furthermore, Twenty20 Energy intends to expand the Traunstein Geothermal Project to include the headquarters of Bayern Renewables GmbH to house the engineers, project managers and other professionals to be its center of excellence for expansion into other parts of Germany and Europe.