Our Approach

Unique Development Model

Twenty20 Energy works alongside our partners to integrate our broad capabilities with the unique needs of each project to deliver the optimal energy solution. We evaluate the energy needs of the communities and countries we serve, and how they may develop into the future to identify the right solution – and not one that is limited by specific vendors, technologies or fuel sources – whilst always aiming for financial viability, sustainability and the delivery of outcomes in accordance with project objectives.

We do this by providing services across the entire project life cycle. We support our clients with a mix of approaches, from specific bespoke services to traditional EPC delivery, provision of longterm operation and maintenance agreements, or acting as an Independent Power Provider (IPP) with a full turnkey power generation solution under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Twenty20 Energy also develops its own projects, to provide energy solutions that meet identified needs and support the long-term transition to net zero carbon emissions, while delivering tangible benefits to those impacted by the project and long-term returns for the company.

1. Project Initiation and Development


Twenty20 Energy actively seeks to be the catalyst of transformational energy projects. By maintaining local market awareness, strong stakeholder relationships, an innovative mindset and full suite of technical capabilities, Twenty20 Energy identifies opportunities to deploy cleaner energy technologies to address specific, targeted needs in a financially viable manner. Work with us to reduce the environmental impact of power generation, improve electrification and support economic advancement, either as a project partner or an impact investor.


Twenty20 Energy develops projects which consistently deliver fully considered, optimized energy solutions with demonstrated viability. Collaborating with our project partners, Twenty20 Energy defines project objectives and undertakes conceptual design, feasibility studies and financial modelling, all the way through to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) as required for a sound investment decision. Our solutions integrate the latest technologies while balancing financial and environmental imperatives, delivering energy where it is needed to support economic and social development mandates.


Financing and investment are key underpinnings of successful, transformational energy projects. Twenty20 Energy works with our clients and partners in a more integrated manner to expedite projects through financing support. This may include engagement with advisors or banking partners to procure debt or equity funding, or providing direct equity investment where appropriate for our stakeholders and consistent with our portfolio strategy.

Twenty20 Energy also explore alternative deal structures for project delivery, including contingent fee structures, or operating a Build, Own and Operate model where Twenty20 Energy may take on the role of Independent Power Provider (IPP) under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the energy off-taker. As a change agent in the energy market, Twenty20 Energy approaches projects with an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset that sees concepts with the power to advance the transition to a cleaner energy future become reality, while delivering outstanding returns for our stakeholders.


2. Project Execution (EPC)


Twenty20 Energy performs the complete scope of conceptual and detailed engineering and design for projects as needed at all stages of the development and execution cycle. This ensures the right design outcomes underpin a long-term viable project which meets stakeholder objectives.


Twenty20 Energy provides full supply chain management; from pre-qualification, bid management and contracting, through to shop monitoring, quality control, shipping and logistics, and last mile delivery to the project location with the overriding objective of budget and schedule outperformance while minimizing applicable risks.



Twenty20 Energy offers construction management services as well as self-performing construction from earth, civil and structural works through to equipment positioning, assembly and installation, all conducted under world-class construction management methodologies which prioritize safety, environmental imperatives and quality of work.



Twenty20 Energy possess deep expertise in vital pre-commissioning, commissioning, startup, operation and maintenance program establishment, and operator training performed during the final stages of completing a new facility prior to commercial operation, which ensures handover in a safe, reliable and operation-ready manner.

3. Asset Management

Twenty20 Energy provides a full range of power generation facility and transmission system management, including operation, utility grid coordination, maintenance and overhaul services in partnership with, or on an owner’s behalf, to ensure stable, efficient ongoing operations which optimize performance outcomes and realize full long-term value of the asset.

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